Some Poems from Sandhya Rakefet


Experience Comes and goes

Comes and goes;
Is the non-promised
Beckoning us to arrive.

Comes and goes;
Beyond bliss
Pools of pregnant no-thing
Far richer, deeper and alive
Beckoning us to take a dive.

The Natural Currents

Is always followed by movements.
Silence -
Followed by noise.
Why reject
The natural currents
Of the phenomenal world?
Why not rest
In peace
In the beyond?

Life is simple

Life is simple
When we don't hold on
To things
As "me" or "mine",
Especially when these things –
People, projects, ideas –
Seem to be ours.

The space between the thoughts

The space between the thoughts
Cannot be described
By thoughts,
Therefore is non-existent
To the mind.
So what?
The mind doesn't know
What it's missing.

Who Cares

The mind won't shut up.
It's like
Being at home
Hearing the neighbors
Quarreling upstairs.
Who cares?
You are home,
Why not make yourself
A cup of tea?

Small yellow lizard

A small yellow lizard
Is chewing a creature
Smaller than himself.
I sit so still
He takes no notice of me.
In due time
I too shall be taken
By a creature greater than myself
And small yellow lizards
May chew the remains
Of the remains.

When the heart opens

When the heart opens
Let it open to all things;
When the heart falls in love
Let it love all beings;
When there is kindness in the heart
Let it flow in all directions;
Let the one be the many
And the many be the one.