What is Tovana Meditation?

Tovana meditation, also known as Vipassana, is a Buddhist meditation method taught for the past 2,500 years in East Asia, which has reached the west in the past centaury. Vipassana means 'insight', 'clear vision or 'insight into the nature of reality.

Tovana meditating is part of the 'Dharma' way, which according to Buddhist tradition, is a study directed at opening understanding and awareness. Tovana meditation includes a calm and alert observation of the body and of awareness processes in the present moment. This observation of reality as it really is, allows a deep encounter with the real nature of existence including all of its pleasurable characteristics and their associated difficulties. Through this observation we can develop the understanding, tranquility and compassion in our lives. Tovana meditation encourages development of these qualities and directs us towards a life of liberation and awakening.