Course of Dharma in Daily Life

Living the Dharma in daily life – a semester course for deepening and integrating the Dharma in daily life.

The idea for this course stems from attention to the needs of the community for an in-depth, ongoing course of learning and shared experience whose goal is to deepen the practice in daily life.

In this course we'll learn and explore together how to live an awakened and meaningful spiritual life. We'll look at ways that enable us to infuse more of the  Dharma into our lives so that our work, relationships and our hobbies will become a space to practice and internalize the Dharma.

We'll do this by questioning different issues which come up in our practice, and in so doing we are able to see things which arise at any moment in our daily lives in another light.

How to live according to this way of practice?

What is enlightened action?

What is the expression in our lives of a wise and compassionate heart?

The Eightfold Path will be the formal structure we'll use for this exploration which includes:

  1. Right View  2. Right Intention 3. Right Speech 4. Right Action 5. Right Livelihood 6. Right Effort  7. Right Mindfulness 8. Right Concentration

Special attention will be placed on the those taking part in the course as a group, as a sangha which is learning, thinking and practicing together and through the help of the teacher- is developing tools for practice and for going more deeply inward.

We'll discuss and explore the conflicts, resistances, pleasurable feelings and challenges which come up as the Dharma enters into our varied experiences of daily life.

Participation in the course includes tasks and self-study as part of the home practice in order to keep up and deepen the continuity of practice.

Work and practice in small groups will be encouraged in addition to the regularly scheduled meetings.

Participation in the course:

The course is designed for experienced practitioners who want to deepen their knowledge and experience in daily practice.

The course consists of regular meetings, held once a week for two to three hours and in addition two concentrated days of practice to be held on Fridays. The dates for the Friday sessions will be announced to the participants at a later date.

The meetings include meditation, a Dharma talk, work in small groups and discussions which are connected to the Dharma and practice.

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