7 Factors of Awakening Online course with Stephen Fulder

19/04/2020 to 07/06/2020
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Stephen Fulder
מתרגלים בעלי ניסיון קודם
Start time: Sunday 19:00
End time: Sunday 20:30
Online Course (Webinar) on the Seven Factors of Awakening
8 online meetings on Sundays from 19.00 to 20.30 (Israel Time) 12.00-13.30 (EST), starting 19/4/2019
Meditation and spiritual practices lay the ground for a life of wisdom, a great heart and liberation. As we practice we develop qualities and powers which are themselves a huge benefit in our lives, but are also are the gateways to awakening.
They create a radical shift in the way we view ourselves and the world. They are not passing experiences, but become the potentials of a spiritually mature personality. The Seven Factors of Awakening are a classic and fundamental Buddhist teaching
Here they are:
*Sati – Mindfulness. Attention, presence and awareness – the power to see things as they are. 
*Dhammavicaya – Investigation/Inquiry  -  Seeing deeply and more subtly. What’s behind the story. 
*Viriya – Energy – Energy, effort, vitality, determination
*Piti – Joy, Rapture – Joy and happiness, well-being
*Passadhi – Calm, Tranquillity  - Calm, quiet and serene mind and body
*Samadhi – Concentration -  Gathered, subtle, penetrating and concentrated mind
*Uppekha – Equanimity – Being undisturbed, unafraid, steady and flowing with circumstances
During the course we will explore, by means of talks, questions and answers, reading materials and guided meditations, each one of the factors, each of which opens to a profound world of discovery and practice. 
The course is suitable for all those who have had some prior experience in dharma practice, such as intensive retreats, full mindfulness courses, insight or vipassana practice, etc. It is expected that participants will take the full course and do the assignments and read the materials. 


How the Course Will Work
Participants will receive a video talk (a link) of about 45 minutes and reading materials every week, a few days before the actual online gathering. They will receive the link to join the online gathering each Sunday which assumes that participants will have seen the video. The gathering of 90 minutes will include a guided meditation, summary of the topic  and plenty of time for questions and discussion.  The talk will be in English, and the Sunday program in English and Hebrew.
You will need a computer or telephone with a camera and also headphones. There will be a prior meeting one week before the beginning of the course to check all the technical issues and learn the system, and technical help during each session. 
Registration and Cost
Joining the course is only through prior registration, which involves filling out a form which can be opened by clicking the button on the left side of the page. 
Tovana is not supported by any institution, and operates in the spirit of  "Dana" (giving from the generosity of the heart). Activities take place thanks to the generosity of practitioners as well as the large number of activists and volunteers who work without pay.
 1. Participation fee
For the course, we charge a minimum participation fee to cover the course expenses (platform rental costs and various organizational expenses) which must be paid in advance. The price reflects the need to cover direct expenses, yet at the same time the opportunity for Dana. You are invited to pay this minimum amount or higher to help Tovana continue to offer courses and to support those who are unable to pay.
 If you are unable to pay the full amount please contact us to request reduced payment: It should be made clear that we do not want to prevent people from joining the course due to financial constraints.
2. Compensation for the teacher 
The teaching itself is based on the dana tradition in which there is no preset price and anyone who wants to come and practice should be able to do so regardless of financial situation. The students are invited to support the teachers and teaching according to their ability which allows the teachers to continue to live in the dharma and share its fruits with others. At the end of each meeting, participants are invited to support the Dharma teaching in this way. 
The number of places in the course is limited. If you are unable to attend the course please write to us at online@tovana.org.il with the title 'Canceling Online Course with Stephen Fulder'. Those who cancel up to one week before the course will receive a full refund of the participation fee, but whoever cancel afterwards, will not be able to receive a refund.
For questions regarding registration, please email online@tovana.org.il
For questions about the course content, please contact Stephen at stephenfulder@gmail.com
Registration is close

Hosts and assistants

ד"ר סטיבן פולדר הוא ממובילי התרגול הבודהיסטי בישראל, המייסד ומורה הבכיר של "עמותת תובנה". מעורבותו במדיטציית מיינדפולנס ומדיטציית ויפאסנה החלה בשנת 1975, מאז בילה שנים רבות בהודו וקיבל הדרכתם של מורים שונים מבורמה, הודו והמערב. סטיבן מלמד מזה כ-30 שנים, עיקרן בישראל וחלקן בחו"ל, ריטריטים, קורסים ושיעורים שנתיים, ברובם למתרגלים ותיקים, ועסק גם בהכשרת מורים בישראל. סטיבן דוגל בשימוש בדהרמה לקידום השלום בחברה.  סטיבן למד באוניברסיטת אוקספורד ובלונדון, בעל תואר דוקטור לביולוגיה מולקולרית, ופרסם ארבעה-עשר ספרים אקדמיים ופופולאריים בנושא של ריפוי פנימי וחיצוני. שני ספרים אחרונים כוללים את הספר רב...
Dr. Stephen Fulder was born in London in 1946 and educated at Oxford and the National Institute of Medical Research, where he was awarded his Ph.D in molecular biology. He was a lecturer at London University. He is the founder and senior teacher of Tovana (the Israel Insight Society). He has been involved in Vipassana/ Mindfulness meditation and dharma practice since 1975, has spent years in India and has been guided by a variety of teachers from Burma, India and the West. Stephen has been teaching for 20 years, mostly in Israel but also abroad, and he teaches a large number of retreats,...