Introduction to Vipassana

This course consists of eight weekly two-hour meetings in which the participants will gradually acquire the skills needed to practice mindfulness and basic concentration. Each session includes meditation, study, and discussion. The purpose of the course is to gradually build a foundation for personal practice, with an emphasis on supporting and helping participants to gradually introduce meditation into their daily routine.
The course is intended for beginners and for those who are interested in renewing and strengthening their personal meditation habits. It is an excellent solution for those who want to learn more about Vipassana meditation but for various reasons cannot attend a weeklong retreat. During the course, we will develop attentiveness to breathing and to bodily sensations, and through this discover how we habitually react to certain situations. We will address difficulties that arise and suggest ways to overcome them, and explore together how practice can improve quality of life and how to implement meditation in everyday life.

At the beginning, we will meditate for short periods of time, which will gradually increase over the course of the meetings. There will be personal guidance throughout for each and every participant. In order for the course to be meaningful and make a difference in the quality of our lives, we request that participants make a personal commitment to attend every meeting and, for the length of the course, devote a few minutes every day to practicing meditation according to instructions given in class. Over time, we have learned that these are the keys to developing understanding and having a meaningful experience in the course. To confirm participation and to cover organizational expenses, we request a registration fee of 120 shekels for the course. The teaching of the course and the cost of the location are covered by voluntary donations, like all of Tovana's activities. The introductory courses are offered in different locations across the country. For additional