"Wisdom and Compassion" – a Sequential Course to "Dharma in Everyday Life"

A city course of about 15 sessions, meant for those who have finished the "Dharma in Everyday Life" Course.

Wisdom and compassion are like the wings of the heart's freedom movement. Wisdom teaches us we are no one and nothing; compassion shows us we are everyone and everything. Compassion enables us to encounter difficulties and different kinds of sufferings, without blocking our hearts or being triggered by aggressiveness, fear and hatred. Wisdom enables us to deeply understand life's conditions, let go of attachments and identifications, let go of what doesn't support happiness. These qualities support each other and are intertwined, and are both aspects of an open and free heart-mind.

In this course we will learn, practice and explore how to cultivate and develop within us these qualities of wisdom and compassion, so that our everyday lives will be the platform, the experience field, the practice and the expression to the path and its fruit.