What's the difference between Amutat Tovana's courses and the Goenka courses?

There are several "streams" or traditions of studying within the framework of Vipassanā courses. The course according to the tradition of S. N. Goenka is taught mostly based on the originally Burmese tradition, while most courses in Tovana are influenced by a tradition called Thai Forest Tradition.

The contents of the two kinds of courses are very similar, but there are some practical differences. For example: in Tovana's courses it is common to practice sitting meditation as well as walking meditation, as opposed to sitting meditation only in Goenka courses. Moreover – in contrast to Goenka courses – in Tovana's courses, the teachers give teachings directly, meals are being served 3 times a day, and there are small group meetings every two days in which it is possible to ask questions or share experiences, if interested.

It is important to state that both traditions have deep roots and that many people all over the world benefit from practicing meditation in both traditions.